• Painting and Preserving Your Woodwork

    • Our passion is for making woodwork look as beautiful as it can be; it’s at the heart of what we do and we take pride in doing it properly.

      Whether it’s interior or exterior paintwork, our work passes the test of time and the elements, saving you money and maintenance headaches in the long run.

      Old or new, we paint any building

      Working, as we do, in the villages and towns of Hampshire and West Sussex, we often paint historic and listed buildings in conservation areas, so we know how to match our work to the original look of the building.

      But we also keep up to date with the latest materials, interior design trends and products from a wide range of manufacturers, working on all sorts of building from new builds and homes to commercial properties.

      Whether we use a robust economy paint or a Farrow and Ball product, a good paint job should last years, so we make sure it’s right in every respect.

      It’s all in the preparation

      We prepare wood thoroughly, with a tried and tested process: 

      • We strip off all old paint.
      • The wood is thoroughly dried to ensure no moisture is trapped below the new paintwork - the main cause of peeling.
      • Rotten wood is replaced and holes filled using an epoxy-based resin, which avoids expensive joinery bills.
      • Woodwork is sanded down using a sequence of ever-finer sandpaper, for a smoother finish.
      • We treat knots, prime and undercoat the wood, sanding between each stage.
      • Finally, we apply the layers of topcoat required to give you the finish you want.

      If this all sounds time-consuming and a bit obsessive, well it is. But we take pride in our work and this is how we guarantee that our results last up to twice as long as a cheaper, quicker service.

      Eco-friendly paints: We offer green paint in any colour!

      Eco-friendly paints are growing in popularity as people become more environmentally aware. These products are still fairly new and are water-based, so they don’t linger in the ecosystem. They are very different to work with but we’ve built an extensive experience in their range of colours, coverage and finish so that we get the most out of them.